10 Things That Happen When You Attend Tour D’Coop

Tour D’Coop is a one-day community tour throughout Wake County that educates visitors about keeping hens, while also inspiring prospective urban farmers. The Tour raises needed funding to continue programs working to alleviate poverty by eliminating hunger, providing quality healthcare, and a pathway home for the homeless.

1. You get to Hang out with Chicks all Day

Tour D’ Coop encompasses more than 20 coops throughout Wake County, featuring various breeds of chickens.


2. Travel throughout the City of Oaks (and surrounding areas!)

Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities full of endless things to do–like exploring your neighbor’s unique backyards! The Tour also features some of the best food trucks from around the Triangle.


3. See the most unique backyard coops the area has to offer

Check out styles ranging from diy to upscale designer coops!


4. Pick up some of the latest garden trends

Re-purposed materials, composting, and rain barrels–oh my!


5. Take pictures with some fancy feathers

While taking pictures with all the cute chicks you also might learn a thing or two about backyard poultry and urban farming.


6. Post them using the hashtag #tourdcoop

#urbanfarming #hipsterchicken

7. You might even see a chicken sneeze!

Anticipate an overload of cuteness.


8. Did we mention there are bees too?!

Participate in the Hive Hike to learn about the fascinating hobby of beekeeping. In many homes bees help to complete the cycle of fertilization and pollination. That’s right, chickens and bees co-existing in urban areas!


9. Support Urban Ministries of Wake County

Join us in serving over 27,000 lives with aide in hunger, homelessness, and healthcare!


10. Your motives will only be questioned if you don’t come



Purchase tickets the day of the Tour at:

  • Oak City Cycling (Bike Route)
  • Seaboard Ace Hardware
  • Wake County Whole Foods