Compassion From Within

For Urban Ministries of Wake County, February symbolizes compassion. We have so many awesome staff, volunteers, and interns here at UMWC who show compassion in various ways each day. These are just a few of our wonderful staff nominated anonymously this month by their peers. Here’s what their colleagues had to say about them:

Claudia Larrain-Campbell, Access to Care Coordinator

“I have the pleasure of watching Claudia helping patients at the front door. Sometimes, they show up unannounced and she will always help them with what they are needing. She shows patience, grace, and understanding with them. I have seen her take time to explain the process in detail and answer the person’s many questions. Claudia is very compassionate!”

Andy Mendoza, MedServe Fellow

“Andy is the epitome of compassion. He is patient and kind with all patients and staff members. He is dedicated to his work, and everyone is always happy to work with him!”

“Andy is extremely humble about the work that he does, but he truly makes a difference each day. His work with the Diabetes Huddle Initiative has been meticulous and persistent. Patients love interacting with Andy, and he takes on extra efforts to make sure each patient is comfortable and has a great experience.”

Evi Alexopoulos, MedServe Fellow

“Evi is amazing, very dedicated to her job. She always runs the extra mile for our patients. She cares about them. She is very sweet with them.”

“Evi is well-respected by our staff, volunteers, and patients for her compassion and excellent communication with the patients. She has always demonstrated dedication to the clinic and empathy for our patients.”

“I am always touched by Evi’s ways with our patients and staff. She is the kind of person who builds bridges and finds solutions even in challenging situations where it would be so easy to hit a wall. That is true from running reports to accommodating patients’ complex needs. I’ve seen her treat everyone with kindness, respect, and especially, genuine interest. To tell a little story, it has been a delight to overhear her speaking in Spanish with our cleaning crew, especially because many times they are invisible to most people, and there is no request or “need” to interact with them. I trust Evi’s gift for compassion and I think she embraces our mission and adds human warmth “calor humano” to our days.”

“Evi is one of our clinical coordinators. She goes above and beyond when taking care of our patients.

“Evi is one of the most hardworking people I know. She is a great teacher and is always open to helping others, answering anyone’s questions, and always puts the patients first. She is kind and compassionate in every way!”

Kamaria Majors, MedServe Fellow

“Kamaria works extremely hard to ensure that every patient has a great experience at our clinic. Beyond that, she brings joy to her co-workers and motivates others. She is always enthusiastic about her work, from running downstairs, to help patients outside, to assisting the pharmacy when they are understaffed.”

Meghann Smits, Volunteer Services Manager

“She works really hard and does it with a smile. Meghann is very helpful and resourceful.”

Michele Crooke, Clinic Manager

“Michele cares deeply about our patients and her coworkers. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and she treats everyone she meets with dignity and compassion. She is truly a gem; we are so lucky to have her on staff!!”

“Michele makes the clinic run!! From helping us keep track of supplies, to knowing the ins and outs of everything, she is compassionate and kind to those around her and is always willing to pause and teach others.”

Roni Tomarelli, Family Nurse Practitioner

“Roni is a ray of sunshine within the clinic. I look up to her in every way. She is such a strong example of a caring, patient, and compassionate provider and all-around person. I am lucky to be able to work so closely with her!”

Vanessa Valencia, Family Nurse Practitioner

“SO patient and understanding of the many barriers our patients face. Vanessa is a true champion for all our patients, and they respect her hard work. She makes a difference in their lives through being a compassionate listener and going the extra mile to ensure patients understand their treatment options and their goals.”

“Vanessa is a wonderful provider. She takes on the job of supporting a large portion of our Spanish speaking patients and so many of them always comment on how much they appreciate her and how much they look forward to having their visits with her. We are lucky to have her on our staff.”

We are beyond grateful for all of our staff, volunteers, and interns for the many ways they show compassion day in and day out, and for embodying what we stand for: compassion, dignity, and care.