7 Ways to Grow a Sustainable Garden

1. Pollinate Naturally with Bumble Bees

Natural pollination using bumblebees is an effective way of increasing crop production and reducing labor through more efficient pollination. Also, many crops are well suited to natural pollination with bumblebees.

2. Practice Crop Rotation

“The goals of crop rotation are to help manage soil fertility and also to help avoid or reduce problems with soilborne diseases and some soil-dwelling insects, such as corn rootworms. Whether you’re a large-scale organic farmer or home gardener, crop rotation can help replenish soil and benefit your harvest.”

Read more about the principles of crop rotation here.

3. Check for Deficient Nutrients

One way to do this is to have your soil tested by your state’s Department of Agriculture lab

4. Make Mulch from Yard Waste

Get creative and pick-up bags of leaves in your neighborhood and grind them up to create your own mulch!

5. Trap Water in Buckets Where Using Rain Barrels Might Be Difficult

Both of these methods will conserve fresh water, which is great for nourishing your plants.

6. Use Climate Appropriate Plants that are Specific to Your Area

Climate appropirate planting is advised by the Extension Service of the NC Department of Agriculture Lab and allows you to maximize produce volume.

7. Increase Permeability

Permeability decreases water runoff, maximizing the use of a relatively scarce resource. One way to increase the permeability of a garden is to add compost and till the mulch at the end of the season.

Why Having a Sustainable Garden Matters to Urban Ministries of Wake County

At Urban Ministries of Wake County, we provide fresh, nutritious food to our clients. By growing our own sustainable, community garden we are able to give clients fresh, local produce in order to promote health and wellness within their own home.

Despite the challenges of working in an urban location, using the tactics listed above, our sustainability efforts are very effective thanks to our volunteer urban farmers!

Interested in maintaining our gardens? Email our Manager of Volunteer Services at bbenitez@urbanmin.org for more info!