A Place That Would Forever Change Me |Kaylin Prestage

My whole life I have wanted to become a physician. In college, I took all of the classes and the MCAT exam, hoops one must jump through before the application process for medical school. I did research and shadowed physicians; however, I wanted more hands-on clinical experience. It wasn’t until I went off to graduate school at NC State University that I found a place that would forever change me.

I first became involved with Urban Ministries through one of the coveted scribe internships. I spoke with many providers about their careers and experiences while also becoming more involved with patient care. I loved being a scribe here because of the patients, volunteers, and staff, and I knew I wanted to stay on long after my internship ended. I then transitioned into becoming an intake volunteer.

Upon finishing my master’s program, I began applying to medical school and continuing to volunteer at Urban Ministries. I was also applying for jobs here in the Triangle, but I had little luck finding employment. Towards the end of the summer I decided to move back to my hometown and find work there. I was devastated I would have to leave the clinic. However, around this time I learned the Patient Assistance Coordinator position was available. I immediately applied and was ecstatic when I was asked to accept the position.

As the Patient Assistance Coordinator, I have learned how to obtain life-saving, brand name medications for patients at no cost through pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs. This experience has been invaluable not only because I love all of my coworkers and our patients, but also because this knowledge will help me in my future career. I hope to become an internal medicine physician and open a clinic similar to Urban Ministries back in my hometown, which is located in rural, eastern North Carolina. Knowing about patient assistance, I can now have options for my future patients to receive their medications.

I was recently accepted to medical school, and I will be pursuing my dream of becoming a physician this fall. I am forever grateful for the experiences I have had here at Urban Ministries. I also am so happy to have a second family here in Raleigh who will always be there to support me no matter where I live. Those who work and volunteer here are some of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

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