Amy Riggleman | To New Experiences

I have always had an open mind to life and the challenges that come with it. My life is made up with interesting, somewhat perplexing parts of the journey.

From an early age, I had a desire to reach out and help those in need. From fixing up bumps and bruises on my brothers, helping out a friend whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer to helping in a food drive with my church to help out local food banks— I always look for a way to serve the community, in big or small ways.

Working in a retail pharmacy setting was a great experience and it taught me many valuable lessons, but I was ready for a change. I loved working with people and helping them with their prescriptions, but I was looking for something more, something that would have a bigger impact on society.

When I was told about a Pharmacy Technician position here at Urban Ministries of Wake County, I knew that this was my chance to make a difference in people’s lives, all the while doing the job that I love to do.

The things I see on a daily basis prove the major impact that Urban Ministries provides to those that come here. The people that work here, whether they are staff, volunteers or interns, have a major influence on the lives of the people that come here.

It is an amazing place to work for, because everyone here wants to be here, and has a desire to help people get through life. There is always something that we, as an organization, work to put together the best strategy to better assist those that come to us for assistance and to be able to help more people. It is a great place to come into where there are people willing to work and serve those that need it.

I am so glad and proud to work that we do here at Urban Ministries. I feel like part of a family, whose main goal is to help those in need.

My favorite quote is by Mother Teresa, which she said “The great good is what we do for one another” I think that this organization does just that, good towards others.

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