A New Adventure

Dr. Gary Greenberg, Medical Director of Urban Ministries Open Door Clinic for over 10 years, is starting a new adventure in his life: he’s a grandfather and we all know what that means.

Gary isn’t leaving us. Starting on August 29, Dr. Greenberg will see patients two days a week and retain the title of Medical Consultant. Dr. Beth Campbell will become our new Medical Director and will see patients the other two days of the week. We will continue being closed on Fridays.

Dr. Greenberg started with Urban Ministries Open Door Clinic in 2005 as a volunteer at the Semart Station facility. He became our staff Medical Director in 2007, right before we moved into our new facility on Capital Blvd. and expanded the Clinic hours. From the start Dr. Greenberg took the Clinic to the next level, increasing the number of patients seen, implementing systems and modalities of care that leveraged resources in the community to improve the health of people with chronic illnesses and keeping them out of the hospital.

Dr. Greenberg has always had a knack for recruiting and retaining volunteer physicians, the lifeblood of Urban Ministries. “He’s so patient and informed that he makes my practice of medicine better – even after retirement – and better each clinic day,” said Dr. Emery. “Gary makes it fun. He is a great teacher and I know what we do is important to our clients.”

Clients appreciate his passion for their health. One of his patients said, “I really look forward to seeing Dr. Greenberg.” With a smile he added “I make sure to take my medicines because I know he’ll give me hard time if I haven’t taken my medicines right.”

“Gary’s set the standard for our excellence in clinical care and our fantastic outcomes,” said clinic director Pablo Escobar. “We beat all the measures and national standards for clinical outcomes,” he continued. “What’s more, our patients tell us they feel better, miss work less often and use the emergency room less. But it’s the improvement in their quality of life that makes the most difference.”

Those who know Dr. Greenberg also know his passion for medical and community advocacy. It’s not enough for Gary to care for people one on one. Our communities can do better and Dr. Greenberg has worked as tirelessly lobbying for improved access to care through Medicaid expansion and to decrease disparities in health outcomes for people in need.

Fortunately Dr. Beth Campbell is stepping in after 15 years of volunteering. We’re fortunate to have doctors with their dedication and concern for the health of the uninsured.

Dr. Greenberg isn’t going anywhere, except those trips to NY and Washington to see his grandchildren, and will continue to bring excellent care and new ideas and new programs to Urban Ministries.