7 #GivingTuesday Opportunities

1. Give a family a week’s worth of healthy groceries

For just $25 you can feed a family for a whole week. You’re not just feeding them unappetizing, but you can provide them with fresh produce, frozen meats, and food they’ve selected for themselves.


2. Give the opportunity of health

$50 allows us to pay for medications for one patient in our Open Door Clinic. This is someone who has seen one of our doctors and now needs help getting healthy again. You can provide that help.


3. Give families dignity

For $100 you have the ability to feed four families for a week through our Hunger and Nutrition program. Our food pantry gives clients the choice to pick out what is right for them. They have a say in what meals they’ll make, and really enjoy them too!


4. Provide safety, counseling, and a warm meal

$250 allows us to provide shelter, case management, and hot meals for a woman experiencing homelessness. Our case managers work with women who need help with the next step in home and everything in-between.


5. Give the opportunity for stability

$540 provides a year’s worth of prescription medication to one uninsured patient in our Open Door Clinic who may need some stability in containing their diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma. You can help them in getting there.


6. Provide high quality medical care

$1,400 gives one clinic visit to ten uninsured patients within our Open Door Clinic. These aren’t just any visits, they’re detailed appointments with professional doctors and nurses. They’re lab appointments, blood drawings, hearing tests, wellness visits, and others. They’re everything you’d get from your normal doctor’s and more.


7. Give your time

From receptionists at the first point of contact, to medical professionals within our clinic, to people stocking and leading clients through the food pantry, to groups making hot meals at the Helen Wright Center—it’s you who makes Urban Ministries of Wake County possible. Consider giving your time today!


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