Mission First

Many acts of service go unseen. On the daily, our employees work tirelessly to see every scheduled patient, fill every car with groceries, and provide a night of shelter for women experiencing homelessness – embodying what it means to serve and advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty.

Members of the UMWC team commit to meeting the needs of our growing community beyond their main responsibilities.

When a homeless pregnant woman was dropped off at 6:00 pm at the front door of our food pantry/clinic, our Finance Director and clinic team were there. They saw the urgency in the situation and welcomed her into our space. Working with our Helen Wright Center for Women, they arranged transportation and provided her with a bed for the night. Our staff proceeded without hesitation – putting our mission first.

After a woman, a Wake County teacher, came through our pantry line with her paraplegic son a few times – our Food Pantry Manager remembered them. She would ask for protein drinks to help her son gain the weight he needed. With an unpredictable work schedule starting soon, he instructed her to call the day before she would stop by our pantry, allowing him time to prepare a food box. Her specific need was recognized, and extra steps were taken to fulfill it – putting our mission first.

When a clinic patient quietly expressed concern about not having enough food to last through the weekend, one of our nurse practitioners remembered. Taking action, she had two clinic coordinators deliver groceries from our pantry to the patient’s house, as she was unable to come to us before the pantry closed for the weekend. Our staff paid attention and provided this patient with care beyond what our clinic offers – putting our mission first.

In the past year, our Helen Wright Center for Women provided over 11,000 nights of shelter. Our on-site pharmacy dispensed over 40,000 monthly prescriptions – at no cost to clinic patients. Our food pantry began partnering with local organizations to extend its reach and “adopted” a neighborhood to supply with groceries. Our impact is not just seen in these large numbers but rather in everyday acts of service. We acknowledge all the extra hours worked; the energy invested; the hope shared. All of this made possible by those who support our mission.