Former Clinic Patient Shares Story of Quality Care

“It was an eye opening experience for me. It was such a big difference compared to the care I was given when I had insurance.”

Ray was a patient at Urban Ministries of Wake County’s open Door Clinic for 3 years. His wife is still a patient. He’d seen the excellent care she was getting and then he experienced it for himself.

“The service was outstanding.” Ray was a patient of Dr. Gary Greenberg, who passed away in October of 2018. Ray also saw the P.A. sometimes. He notes the personable, welcoming attitudes of the staff, from the front desk to the clinic. “You’re not just a number.” he says.

“They were very thorough, even in explaining medications. Sometimes I felt they were too thorough,” he chuckles. “That’s one thing I liked. They went over everything even how to live a healthier lifestyle.” Ray said when his sugar levels crept up, the providers in the Open Door Clinic helped him learn about eating better. He was also able to get any medications he needed at the on-site pharmacy.

Ray is now on Medicare but he says he’s wary about his care outside of the clinic. “I have some anxiety now because I don’t know if I can get the same level of care.”

“Sometimes I think services like that I misunderstood. There are people on the edge and Urban Ministries helps fill that gap. If they weren’t there, I see what a detrimental effect that would have on the community.”