A Path to Normality: Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Effort

The morning of April 27, Becky Burmester greeted individuals at the door of, Christ the King Presbyterian Church. Each one preparing to get their first COVID-19 vaccine dose through a partnership between NeighborHealth Center and Urban Ministries of Wake County.

“Most recipients seem to feel such relief to just get the process started”, Becky says.

The Open Door Clinic has been administering first and second doses to Wake County residents since January of 2021. This effort made possible through strong community partnerships with organizations like NeighborHealth Center, St. Joseph’s Primary Care, and WakeMed Health and Hospitals. As well as other supporters like Saint Raphael Catholic Church and Christ the King Presbyterian Church, who hosted the events.

Vaccine distribution provides a path to normalcy. So far, approximately 700 doses have been administered through Urban Ministries of Wake County thanks to various staff and volunteers who are working hard to reach vulnerable populations in all parts of Wake County.

Individuals like, Susan Graciade, want the vaccine but face obstacles to scheduling appointments. She’s been searching for an opportunity since January 2021, with no computer.

Luckily, her cardiologist assisted in finding an open spot through a UMWC vaccine event. She described the risk of contracting COVID-19 as, “absolutely deadly”. Susan received her first dose on April 27.

The path back to normality is not a quick one. NeighborHealth Center started holding routine COVID-19 testing events through Urban Ministries of Wake County in September of 2020. To now transition to offering vaccines is a great accomplishment.

Clinic Director, Dr. Vidal-Barreto, credits the successful events to her clinic staff and volunteers. “All of our volunteer positions were filled rapidly. We had amazing and enthusiastic groups working these events.”

The Open Door Clinic encourages individuals to seek out appointments, return for their second dose and continue to follow safety procedures.

Visit: urbanmin.org/services/clinic-and-pharmacy/ to become a new patient.