A Home Cooked Meal: Feeding Wake County

Our Food Pantry is not the only way we feed residents of Wake County.  

Volunteer groups have been consistently providing women staying at the Helen Wright Center with meals for years. Dinners during the weekdays and weekend breakfasts are prepared and dropped off, all by generous volunteers.  

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, groups would arrive at the shelter to serve the meal they prepared and spend time sitting with guests. Now, volunteers follow a drop-off procedure to maintain appropriate distance and modify this volunteer opportunity for those looking for a more remote option.  

Groups like the Compassionate Women Ministries miss these interactions. Volunteer, Susan Lee, reflects by saying, “Our team really enjoyed chatting with the ladies as we served dinner and sitting with them at their tables to build a connection. There were times that the ladies would ask us to pray with and for them.” This group of 5-6 volunteers have been consistently visiting the HWCW since January of 2020.  

Sometimes nothing beats a home-cooked meal together. Volunteers have provided The Helen Wright Center with stability in knowing that guests will be fed. 

Longtime volunteer, John Cashwell, describes his group’s experience by saying, “The Cashwell Sunday School class has been providing a dinner meal for the shelter for more than twenty years. Almost everyone in the class has provided at least one meal and our children grew up helping to serve the meals. We have found it to be a real blessing.”  

Many groups enjoy the personal aspect of this volunteering opportunity. It’s a unique way to ensure shelter guests are provided with nutritious meals, as well as a moment to connect with others. They have comfort in knowing there are neighbors in their community looking out for them.  

Sign-up spots for meal drop-offs can be found here. Manager of Volunteer Services, Meghann Smits, manages the volunteer sign-up process. 

Email ummealdonors@urbanmin.org. with any questions.