Single women age 18+ without children in their care

Guests make a commitment to live in a community environment

Case Management:



If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call the Center to check bed availability at 919-833-1748

About the Helen Wright Center

The Helen Wright Center for Women is a program for single, adult women experiencing homelessness.

Emergency Shelter

Women are offered an initial fourteen night stay and may request additional time if they wish to enter a program bed.

As of 6/4/20, due to COVID-19, we are housing women at both our new center on Bastion Lane and the center on Cabarrus Street.

We are accepting intakes for emergency shelter.

If you are in need of shelter, please call 919-833-0332 or come to the location at 401 W. Cabarrus Street Monday-Friday from 1 pm – 6pm.

Helen Wright Program

The Helen Wright Center for Women’s program provides more than housing assistance. With a focus on the establishment of well-defined goals and objectives, women are offered an opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency through intensive case management services.

The basic components of case management include intake, assessment of needs, service planning, linkage to services, continuous monitoring, and client advocacy. In addition to increasing access to medical and psycho-social services, case management can also include crisis intervention, discharge planning and direct services such as emotional support, client education, and skill building.

We also offer classes such as Life Skills from Wake Tech, Financial Literacy from BB&T, Job Readiness from Personify, and more.