Our Board Members Take the Lead

It is officially September, which means one thing – goodbye to summer fun and hello to school ’cause fall is officially here! School is back in action, and children are ready to tackle the upcoming academic year. However, transitioning back to school can create extra challenges, particularly stress.  

From backpacks, notebooks, no. 2 pencils, binders, and snacks, many kids eagerly cross those items off their back-to-school shopping lists, but there are plenty of families who can’t afford backpacks – or the items that go in them. Not every family has the financial stability to supply their children with the school equipment needed.

With the back-to-school season in full swing, what better time to focus on giving back to schools? As National School Success month, September is the perfect time to give kids of all ages a few new reasons to look forward to learning and provide extra support in the transition.    

On September 17th, UMWC board members cleared their schedules to spend the morning serving together for the 2022 Board Day of Service. This day emphasizes our belief that direct, personal service makes our leaders more knowledgeable, passionate, and effective. It also provides members with a unique opportunity to connect with each other, our fellow staff, and those we serve: our community in need.    

Since the start of the pandemic, UMWC has supplied a week’s worth of groceries to at least 85 families every morning. In addition to those who come through the food pantry line, Project Pivot, a new program created by Hunger and Nutrition Director, Nick Robertson, has accommodated another 180 families per week since launching in June.    

At this year’s event, over 500 bags were stocked with school essentials for families in need to be distributed by our food pantry. Board members and staff took the lead to inspire, motivate, and set an example for students to achieve better.  

To help ensure children have the tools they need to learn, our board members and staff took the lead to inspire, motivate, solve problems, and set an example for students to achieve better.